A Message for May

Greetings my beloved family!

As I sit down to write this letter, I feel like Paul addressing one of the many churches he pastored from a distance. Thankfully, I am not currently in prison or exile! ?

We have now lived in our present reality for six weeks, with weeks still ahead of us. Though the Governor is lifting the shelter-in-place warning tonight at 11:59pm, LFCC will continue to worship together virtually for the foreseeable future. We must remember that the stay-at-home order for our advanced citizens and persons with conditions and realities deemed vulnerable towards COVID-19, still runs through May 13th. As a leadership, the safety of our members is our first concern. As situations change in Georgia, we will revisit a time and strategy for our safe return to our sanctuary.

As we continue to acclimate to our new reality, my prayer for you is that you all take care of yourselves. For those who are always at a computer (children and adults), know that “screen fatigue” is a real phenomenon. Find time to unplug. Take a safe walk, find a stimulating conversation partner, or fall back on a hobby. If you are feeling lonely and isolated, reach out to someone. The Directory is public, so please, take advantage. Call me if you’d like! If I can’t answer you immediately, I can and will return your call! But, do not suffer alone! Your emotional health is just as important as your physical, mental, and spiritual. In fact, this is exactly why we offer activities Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, in addition to Sunday. We want to offer all of you an outlet to spend time with one another and take your mind off of the difficulty of the situation.

Despite all that is going on, God is still God and great things are still occurring! Anniversaries and birthdays, significant milestones for younger and older, and so many other charms of life. As a church family, I don’t know if we have ever been more connected. Each of you have offered love and support across the virtual airwaves, which has given us a wellspring of joy that is evident even to those who visit us online. This is probably the greatest blessing of our time together. Let’s continue this trend now and forever, so we can be the church that God has called us to be!

I love you all. Please continue to pray for each other. As we have many wonderful things to celebrate, we are still dealing with many difficulties as well. Pray unceasingly. There is power in prayer! May God continue to bless this body and all its extensions!

Love, Pastor Richard

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