A Thanksgiving Message

Dear family and friends,

There is no hardship that 2020 has brought that can prevent us from being thankful! Through it all, we continue to be sheltered under God’s loving care and under the common connection of our growing church. Today, my family and I simply want to reiterate how thankful we are for each and every one of you. We continue to be amazed at the love, the work, and the resiliency of this beautiful church body. Your smiles and warm wishes touch us more deeply than you can imagine. You all make the rigors of ministerial life worth pursuing. Thank you for hanging in with us through our personal virtual learning journey. Your constant encouragement got us through some rough times. Your cards and texts replenished a well that had run dry many a day. You all are beautiful – individually and collectively – and Rose, the boys, and I are forever in your debt.

I hope that my next statement is one that you will carry in your heart now and always… God is thankful for you too. Yes, little ole you. Flawed, but faithful you. God is thankful that you continue to show up every day to do your part to building the Kingdom. God is thankful for the sacrifice of your time, energy, ideas, finances, and most importantly, your prayers, to ensuring that ministry goes forth. God is even for the times you fall short and resolve to do better. God’s love for us far exceeds any human love. It is that love that resuscitates and revives us. My prayer is that you are thankful everyday for that love. Let those lists you created guide you closer and deeper to the source of all that is good and holy.

Whether you are celebrating the way you wish, or even if your celebration is modified tomorrow, have a happy Thanksgiving! We will see you Sunday, ready to celebrate the glorious season of Advent! Love and peace to all!

Sincerely, The Williams family

(Rose, Malachi, Michael, Gabriel, and Pastor Richard)