Holy Week

I pray that each of you are well and are adjusting to the new normal. It has been a challenge personally, but I am ever thankful for God’s covering grace. While turmoil is certainly all around us, we cannot and will not neglect Holy Week. Holy Week is the most prominent week of the year for Christians, and we are compelled to celebrate accordingly. We will celebrate Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday together in a way that allows us to connect to God and each other in a more communal atmosphere. In addition, our FaceBook page will be filled with songs from Kim, and daily reflections from Daniel to put us in the right frame of mind each day.

Maundy Thursday will be this Thursday, April 9th, beginning at 6:30pm. It will consist of singing, scripture, a brief homily, and communion. We are asking that everyone bring their dinner to the call so that we can all eat together directly after the service. Our time will function as a virtual seder experience, which is definitely a first for many of us! Good Friday will begin at 3pm, and in that time, we will offer seven reflections on the last seven sayings of Christ. We will also be blessed by some special songs as well. It is my hope that observing Good Friday at the time scholars suggested it occurred will add another dimension to what should already be a powerful and reflective worship experience. There will be no Monday or Wednesday programming during Holy Week. Resurrection Sunday, we will come together and share in the greatest celebration of all! We hope to have some special virtual pieces to incorporate into our worship time. All of these offerings will be on the same ZOOM log-in, so please do not worry about confusion.

As long as we are connected to the true vine, we are all connected. This tough time too, shall pass. I’m looking forward to the day when we can all celebrate together. What a day of rejoicing that will be! Until then, God’s continued blessings be upon you all! Love you.

Pastor Richard

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