On Palm Sunday, we kick off Holy Week. Holy Week is one of the most sacred times in the church year- the culmination of Lent in the mourning of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday and the beginning of Eastertide next Sunday. Please note: there will be no Monday or Wednesday night programming during Holy Week.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday! Our celebration of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem is typically marked with the waving of palm branches, but this year is going to be slightly different. Since we will not be able to hand out palm branches at the church, we have to ask you to find your own palms! If you can, please find something to wave during the service on Sunday. If you have palms, great! If not, get creative! The most important thing is our sincere praise of our Lord. We can’t wait to see everyone’s celebration this Sunday on Zoom!

On Maundy Thursday, we remember the Last Supper of Christ and His disciples and the solemn occasion that preceded Jesus’ crucifixion for our sins. In remembrance of this day, we will hold a brief Maundy Thursday celebration at 6:30pm on April 9 via Zoom.

Good Friday holds a place of merit in the Christian Year as possibly the saddest day on the calendar: the day our Savior gave His life. As we enter into the darkness of the death of Christ, join us for a time of reflection and prayer at 3pm on April 10 via Zoom.