Phase II Re-Opening Update

We thank you all for bearing with us during Phase I of our re-opening. Sunday evening, the Leadership Council agreed to progress to Phase II of our re-opening. Under our Phase II guidelines, mask-wearing will be optional for vaccinated persons. For those who still feel more comfortable wearing masks at this time, or for those who are not vaccinated, we encourage you to continue to wear a mask. We will maintain our policy of social distancing and temperature checks for the foreseeable future. As always, if you are feeling under the weather, we kindly ask that you stay home.

          We at LFCC do not believe in segregating or judging anyone based on their personal preferences. We pray that, as a family, we continue to love and support each other no matter what their decisions are. We also pray that we all commit to doing our part in ensuring the safety of each member and guest coming through the doors on Sunday mornings. This goes especially for our most vulnerable population, our children under 12, who still do not have access to the vaccine. Thank you in advance for your compliance, we look forward to seeing you Sunday.  

Phase II of our re-opening also includes the sanctioned return of our monthly T.O.N.T.O., F.R.F. (monthly restaurant fellowship), and Retirees Lunch programming. Once again, please note that participation is at the discretion of each individual. We pray that everyone has a safe return to these events. We will begin to advertise these events in the coming weeks. Please listen and look out for dates.