Speaker: Rev. Richard Williams

Rev. Richard Williams is the Senior Paster at Lawrenceville First Christian Church.

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

What do David Letterman, the Gospel of Luke, and a crippling disease have in common? Come find out this Sunday when I preach on the topic, “Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart”. Please read Luke 17:11-19 in preparation.

Please text or email Pastor Richard if you … read more.

One Step at a Time

We’ve discussed many things: seeking a powerful spiritual experience, and ensuring we don’t let anything or anyone negatively affect our lives! These are huge changes, completely uncharted waters for some of us. How can we conquer these rough waters with the power of God? Where … read more.

Assets and Liabilities

Are the people in your life assets to your health and happiness? Or are they liabilities that hinder your joy? What would those same people say of us? Part of going higher and deeper in our walk is monitoring the company we keep. Sunday’s sermon, … read more.

Holy Visitation

Join us this Sunday for the word God has for us entitled “Holy Visitation.” Please read Genesis 21:1-20 in preparation. Pay close attention to Sarah and Hagar’s interaction with God! See you Sunday!

Just Do It

I’m ready to release anxiety. I’m ready to release all the angst that holds me down and sets me back. I’m ready to stop worrying, and instead I’m going to start living. Are you with me? If so, let’s get ready to hear what God … read more.