Cruel Intentions

What was meant for harm, God used for good! So it should be easy to forgive those who’ve wronged us, shouldn’t it? Easier said than done. What about when we’ve harmed ourselves? Do we forgive ourselves easily? This Sunday, we will explore the foundation of … read more.

One Step at a Time

We’ve discussed many things: seeking a powerful spiritual experience, and ensuring we don’t let anything or anyone negatively affect our lives! These are huge changes, completely uncharted waters for some of us. How can we conquer these rough waters with the power of God? Where … read more.

Assets and Liabilities

Are the people in your life assets to your health and happiness? Or are they liabilities that hinder your joy? What would those same people say of us? Part of going higher and deeper in our walk is monitoring the company we keep. Sunday’s sermon, … read more.